Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Different Path Has Been Chosen

So, basically, we might be on over our head on this project. The engine is good, the transmission is good, and the tires are good. Other than that the car is toast. The suspension is shot, the floorpan is gone, literally, and nobody makes any sort of aftermarket parts for this thing.

In order to use this car we would have to weld in a completely new floorpan and undercar braces. It can't be some backyard-coathanger weld job either, this thing has to protect us when Joe Leadfoot loses his brakes and plows into the side of us. From what I have been told it wouldn't be that hard of a job, problem is I have no experience in this realm of fabrication. Not to mention we would have to make a rollcage from scratch since no one makes a bolt in one. I don't own a welder yet and have never had the opportunity to use one. This means I would have to wait for someone to have the time and materials available to do it for me. I'm not so good at that whole waiting around thing, so for now the project car has been scrapped. I just picked up a new one this evening, a 1980 Mazda RX-7. I got it for $100 from a guy on Craigslist who just sold his house and needed everything gone ASAP. Check it out OneTonOfFun.

Anyone want to buy a 1989 Corolla parts car with a good motor and tranny? I'll give you a great deal!

Update: 2/26/08

I put the car up on Craigslist this past Sunday for $200 or best offer. Within 1 hour it was sold for $150. I'll take free cars all day long!

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